About TPEE

My name is Tjitte van der Ploeg. I started TPEE because of my passion for technology, and my search for a way to create a more sustainable future.

TPEE stands for developing key technologies for a more sustainable future by working together. To achieve this, TPEE is looking for partners that work on innovative projects. Do you need help with the modelling and simulation of your system? Is your engineering team struggling to tie loose ends together? Or do you need a specific electronics sub-component engineered to perfectly fit your system’s needs? By using a broad network of talented engineers and suppliers, no question is too much to ask.

About me

My education started in 2013 with a practical degree in engineering (MBO). Fueled by a continuous interest in physics, I continued my education with Sensor technology. In this bachelor program I explored several challenging courses, from advanced mathematics and electronics to biology and chemistry. The more challenging the courses became, the more the ambition grew to do something with my knowledge. Having a broad background, with both good practical and theoretical skills, I joined Top Dutch Solar Racing: a team of passionate students, who built a solar powered car and finished the famous Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in 2019. During my time in the team, I discovered what it is like to work together on high-tech products.

Launching TPEE is my next step towards developing technology for an exciting future. Putting all of my experience, passion for technology and people, and drive into something physical and truly my own.