80V, 8A Open-source DC/DC Converter

SEC-B80-8A 'Reboost'

SEC-B80-8A is a smart DC/DC designed for Maximum Power Point Tracking and battery charge applications in electric vehicles with integrated solar modules.

One of the goals of making this project open-source is to make high-end components more accessible to the many awesome teams that join for the World Solar Challenge in Australia, and even similar projects that students and companies alike venture in. With smart power conversion we hope to bring a sustainable future one step closer!

TPEE can supply assembled and tested units, or you can visit the GitHub page if you want to build one yourself.

175V, 7A Bi-directional smart DC-DC Converter​


Do you need a higher output voltage? SEC-B175-7A does exactly that and is a smart, 175V,  bidirectional boost converter. The converter has a complete digital control topology with open-source software.

Its lightweight and super energy-efficient hardware design ensure that this device can be used in the most demanding applications. Some examples are:

  • Maximum power point tracking
  • Battery charging
  • Efficient Power Conversion

Customised Solutions

Are you looking for something specific? TPEE uses its experience in power electronics to find a custom solution for your needs. Find out more about our services!