TPEE's Services

Smart Energy Converters

Power electronics is a key technology for many forms of renewable energy. TPEE’s first investment was the development of a Smart Energy Converter. By making smart use of software, the energy converter can be adopted to many applications. These include battery chargers, bi-directional DC/DC converters, and converters for your hydrogen electric system. How about a Maximum Power Point Tracker for a world class solar race car?

Collaborations in Engineering

Working together is key when solving the hardest challenges. TPEE therefore strives to be an excellent partner when it comes to engineering and problem solving. With a research & system driven approach, TPEE can be a key part of your engineering endeavor; from top level thinking in complex systems to designing high tech electronics. Performing calculations on the feasibility of hydrogen systems is, for example, something TPEE would love to invest time in. Is your system missing the perfect motor controller? TPEE can find it, and if it doesn’t exist, TPEE can make it.