Welcome to TPEE

TPEE is a brand-new company with the goal to develop key technologies for a sustainable future. And a brand-new company needs a brand-new website. The website is now live! On the website, you can meet TPEE, and by reading the blogs, you can stay up to date with TPEE’s progress. Thanks to Maria Lanza for designing a beautiful website and helping get the word across.    

This coming year TPEE starts off its first full-time year of existence. On the top of the to-do list: search for how TPEE can use its experience to move towards a sustainable future. Besides working on solving engineering challenges for multiple clients, and having developed its first product, it is imperative for TPEE to find how it can make the biggest impact by working together with new partners.

Are you working on an innovative sustainability project? Make sure to go to the contact page! TPEE would love to get in touch to find out what obstacles your project encounters and how we can solve them, together.